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Make me a bird


Did I

ever post this song here? No, i haven’t been paying attention to the lyrics. I just like the music, the voice, the wining sound, the sadness of it.

Monteverdi – Lamento della Ninfa

Sung by Monserrat Figueras. I wonder how Callas would have sounded. The pace is perfect, but I would like more force. Maybe a “lamento” is meant to be more weepy, dunno.


Painted vinyl clocks

I have talked about them time and time again, a picture here, some music there.

This is a video of their collection of rock clocks. The details on some of them are amazing! Music and art all at the same time. Love.



I’m hoping for the blues and jazz collection pretty soon. For Romania they have free delivery :D.

More clocks on Ceasuri Muzicale here.


Bach. This is so beautiful.

Les Intouchables

As part of my french audition i saw last night Les Intouchables.  Since i am writing about it, you know what it means. I’ve made some print screens as a teaser.



Cowboy Beebop the series

Great music, great animation, great whatever you want.