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I did this piece. tf



Felt like saying something, but I have nothing to say.

Books for Black Friday

Nemira - Premium

That feeling

Woke up again with this intense feeling I had a brilliant idea I was going to write here.

All I can remember is that it was something small, like 2-3 rows but it contained something amazing, that would strike you and make you realize …well a lot of stuff. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

What are you?

I am champagne

“I feel like champagne.

I understand the idea of celebration. I see the bubbles in champagne 

as something … good and beautiful.

Not part of my soul evaporating, but rising …with joy.

What I’m trying to say is:

I don’t  want champagne, I am champagne.

It’s great to be alive.”

in Changing Lanes at an AA meeting.

photo here