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As fi vrut

As fi vrut, cat as fi vrut sa nu mai plecam nicicand de pe banca aceea, sa ne ingroape pe amandoi sevele vegetale, muschiul si mormanele de frunze, sa ne prefacem fara sa stim in pamant, in cenusa, in nimic.

Fluturii albi mor spre sfarsitul verii


Back to books

Soo, since we had Black Friday for books, as you can see from my previous post, I did some shopping. Yeeeee

I finally found Red Grass by Boris Vian. You may not know, but I have been searching for this book for at least five years now, in all the bookstores and antique bookstores. So I was actually surprised to see it turn up on my hopeless search. :))

I bought 1Q84 set of 3 books by Haruki Murakami, probably his only book translated into Romanian I didn’t read.

My list also contains New Atlantis by Bacon, a cook book by a Romanian woman Sanda Marin, The cradle of civilization by Herta Muller, another book with sories by Vian, and The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass.
Winter is good for reading.


Doppelganger is a sort of an alter ego, a double,  a term coined by german romantic writer Jean Paul. Some medical experiments have linked this idea with the failure of the left temporoparietal junction, a part of the brain that manages the sensation of your own image: position, location, posture.

I’ve just finished the second book by Murakami, My lover, Sputnik and i made the connection between him and David Lynch. Murakami uses the idea of the doppelganger AND the hair turned white over night after Lynch did.

This involves The Man form another place, a carousel wheel, blocked memories, dreams, looking inside, surrealism and a pink lama. Let’s just say i like connections.

I don’t think Lynch could direct something other than his own dreams and thoughts, his films are so personal.

I will be back with Murakami, …

Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

It’s time to write about this book before it dilutes into all the other books I’ve read since and infinite thoughts that strive to get a place in my memory. This was the first book i read after a pause of a few months in which anything i tried ended up as not interesting before reaching half. So this may also have an influence on the way i feel about it.

But the most significant sensation I have about Norwegian Wood is time. Time so thick and slow that keeps track of every second, every gesture and thought, all too righteous, but forgiving.

I loved the sincerity of the main character, Watanabe, not only to others, but to himself and the simple actions that drove his complicated life. The cinema, the boarding school, lunches and snakes, music, literature, conversations, long walks, trains, laundry, roof tops, seas, hair, forests, yellow raincoats, guitars. The calm madness that surrounds all the characters, Watanabe, the women in his life, Naoko, Midori, Reiko, his friends Kizuki, Nagasawa, Hatsumi and his roommate may make you think it is an extreme used by its creator to attract attention, but its just life as some of us has it. There is no bad or good luck, just facts that puzzle the mind to the point of no return. Caught between the past and an uncertain future, Watanabe is wandering in the confined space of his memories and thoughts. The novel and characteristics of the main character have roots into the books he read and the music he listen to, the Great Gatsby, the Magic Mountain.

The death of his childhood friend, who commits suicide for no obvious reason is the start of a long track of sad and weirdly pleasant experiences. A strong emotion and emotional instability drives you so deep into this book and leaves you in the middle of the street surrounded by a thousand strangers, looking for a familiar face.

I think it goes well with Magritte’s paintings. (Portrait of Paul Max, Empire of light, Le bouquet tout fait)

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Star Wars

Like many other movies, this one has escaped my viewing attention at the right time. Mostly because movies weren’t really a point of interest to me until college when, well, they where easy to get your hands on…

Sadly the time of cinemas was over here, in Romania, due to the new found “liberty” brought by the 1989 revolution.  Cinemas where regarded as a communist symbol, i guess, a symbol of propaganda and carefully selected media for the people. Very few of the old buildings have kept their initial destination, but those that have, are worth it. Don’t think about some marvels of modern science, their beauty resides in the few people that come to watch movies here, the trebling image projected on the screen and, yes, the toilets with signs written in french.

Back to Star Wars. For some time now i have watched people gather around common preferences. Movies are as good as any example of people unifiers, to say so. A good movie, and by good i understand many things that may or may not be considered so by all of you, can act as a leader, can transform beliefs, even if it is for a small period of time. Star Wars must have been one of these movies cause at that time it was new and exciting.

Now to the real point, for the past week i had the flu, so i felt like lying in bed and watching  movies, hence Star Wars from the beginning, or from the end, who has seen them, knows what i mean. Last night i reached episode 4 – A New Hope, actually the first one to be produced. And after seeing the ones produced recently with all the computer graphics, it was kinda funny in a compassionate way,  to see all the aliens that where costumes and masks worn by people, and computers with big control panels and lighted buttons, space ships that looked like fighter aircrafts with guns that were hand-maneuvered by people.

But what i liked the most, and the reason why i wrote all this, is the magnificent scene of the Death Star attack when Darth Vader  is continuously opening what seems to be a bottle. LOL

He was probably shooting or searching on “his radar” but it looks like he’s opening a bottle.  Each time. Come on!

Can’t wait to see episode 5 tonight. As i know myself, i will not be back with comments so please, ravish with what I’ve said already.

Confucius & more

When embarking on a journey of revenge

dig two graves.

I don’t relate to this but it sounds deep. :P Just off my commercial + kindle. Yey! I read 2 books in 2 weeks, and started the third. Love it. Thank you.

Currently reading: Thomas Mann – The Magic Mountain.

Currently listening to: Minuets

Currently into: Realism & Honesty

Currently feeling like: writing short stories & painting dark red

Loosing interest

First i forgot how to write, now i find it annoying and outdated at times  and i can’t put 2 and 2 together. Lately i see that I’m forgetting how to take pictures, i don’t feel the need to anymore, can’t find proper angles of something remotely interesting to shoot. This is alerting and unnatural and has to stop. Why  can’t i do the things i like? What keeps me from it? I’m trying to understand.

Last night i was reading a book that said: “there are 2 kinds of poets: those who feel and those who express themselves, the first are always happier